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Random Web Tools

Code To Text Ratio
Find out your code to text ratio with code to text ratio tool.

Website Resolution Viewer
View your website at a variety of common resolutions.

Spider View
Find Out How Spider Bots View Your Website.

CPM Advertising ROI Calculator
Find out how much your website will earn if you know the advertising CPM and the daily website traffic.

Crontab Code Generator
This Crontab Code Generator will help you generate the syntax for creating a cron job.
Password Strength Meter
Test the strength of your password.

Web Page Analyzer
This Web Page Analyzer will read the page you specify, and put it through a few basic tests to see if qualifies as 'search-engine-friendly' for the phrase you specify.

Search Engine Listing Preview
Preview what your site's listing will look like.

Spider View
Find Out How Spider Bots View Your Website.

Meta Tags Extractor
Extract meta tags information from a web page.

New Templates

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