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Random Web Tools

List Cleaner
Clean and remove duplicates from a text list.

Link Cloaker
Hide links within your HTML code.

Crontab Code Generator
This Crontab Code Generator will help you generate the syntax for creating a cron job.

.htaccess Ban Generator
Create .htaccess files that allow you to ban certain IP addresses from accessing your pages and directories.

Robots Generator
Robots.txt generator is a free web tool to create server side robots.txt files for search engines and spider bots for your site.
Code To Text Ratio
Find out your code to text ratio with code to text ratio tool.

RSS Button Generator
Generate RSS graphics and buttons in seconds, with free RSS Button Generator

Alexa Ranking Tool
Use this tool to check for broken links on a website.

IP / Proxy Detector
Detect your IP Address and Proxy Details, Your Real IP address, Proxy Address.

Reverse IP Lookup
Shows the IP address that a website originates from.

New Templates

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